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Easily measure and report on your carbon emissions. Improve decision-making with interactive dashboards. Start your carbon reduction strategy today.

What are your carbon pain points?

Slow data collection

Hours spent gathering and tracking thousands of data points in numerous spreadsheets delay progress.

Carbon reduction challenges

Confusion on how to start tackling your carbon hotspots without clear action points and concrete guidance.

No proof, no progress

Trying to convince your company and stakeholders to take action on carbon without data and dashboards.

Sweep has the solution

Measurement made easy

Measurement made easy

Use physical data where available and easily fill in gaps with spend based data, while Sweep AI ensures accuracy.


Streamlined data collection

Gather emission data efficiently. Sweep AI automatically converts files into required formats.


An interactive dashboard

Explore different aspects of your business's emissions and benchmark your data against industry standards.


Your first reduction strategy

Receive intelligent, tailored guidance for reducing your hotspots.


Your progress tracked

A real-time progress tracker to follow your carbon footprint measurement from start to finish.


Comprehensive reporting

Export your carbon footprint data in industry-standard formats ready for sharing and disclosure.


The Sweep Starter difference

Without Sweep

  • Dozens of spreadsheets
  • Weak data quality
  • Complex carbon surveys
  • Lack of leadership buy-in

With Sweep

  • Automated data collection
  • Investor-grade reporting
  • A real-time progress tracker
  • Comprehensive reporting

Future-proof your business

Sweep Starter sets you up for success in your long-term sustainability journey


Sign-up and deploy Sweep Starter to build your first footprint.


If you want to go deeper into your data, you can upgrade to Pro at any time.


When you’re ready to engage your value chain, we have you covered.

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Customer testimonial

Qwetch is taking action with Sweep

“With Sweep’s platform, we have cut the time to calculate our annual carbon footprint from six months to one week”.
Benjamin Maito, Head of Impact at Qwetch

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